Arts: Between spirituality and creation at Centre Pompidou

Arts: Between spirituality and creation at Centre Pompidou

Third Edition of the Nouveau Festival du Centre Pompidou is an invitation to explore the diversity of contemporary visual culture, to familiarize yourself with the ever-expanding territories of artistic creation today.

Interview of the Artist Fred Vaësen and Olivia Roy for the Feng Shui analysis by the exhibition’s organizer, Pascal Rousseau and ernard Blistène, Director of Cultural Development, Artistic Director of Nouveau Festival:

Galerie Sud, the trailer from the artist Fred Vaësen: a fancy between “The Wild Wild West” and the Chinese Erudites’s Secrets.

In the 1990’s, Fred Vaësen brought a trailer built in 1934 to some stallholders living in the Marne area of France.  He totally rearranged it, while keeping numerous aspects of the original trailer. He contacted me, on the occasion of this Third Edition of the Nouveau Festival in Beaubourg, in order to set the energetic card of this flagship crossing time and space, and also to decode this temporal trip in a definite space: the South Gallery of Centre Georges Pompidou.

Fred Vaësen invites us to come into his trailer, which is a train, a spatio-temporal vessel, a kind of UFO in the space-time.  It allows us to cross a certain territory: to be here and elsewhere at the same time.

The exhibition carries us between two levels:  one is a highly spiritual abstraction and the other is a children’s imaginary popular culture, the famous sixties TV series “The Wild Wild West” (broadcast in France as “Les Mystères de l’Ouest”).  The show was broadcast in the U.S. in 1965-67 and nurtured the imaginations of young French TV watchers in the 70’s and 80’s.  It was a kind of historical western combined with science-fiction (it was even then a temporal trip in an undefined space).  The exhibition creates a reconstitution of a sensible experience of the incredible memory of the Wild Wild West train, in which one plunges into a obscure time of the end of the 19th century.  A secret geometry acts as a link and unites that period with both the 1910-1920s and the sixties.

With Fred Vaësen’s trailer, there is a first level which is the popular object which has a story, a kind of melancholy, but which also has a dimension in movement and in the dynamism of forms in space… and all of this is linked in a very subtle way.

The trailer has a unique date of construction.  However, it doesn’t have a unique orientation in space as most buildings do: its orientation changes following its itineraries! This allows us to study different diagrams that are created, and which Fred Vaësen has proposed that I study.

Here at the Pompidou, the collected energetic card (the face is on St. Merri’s street and the fountain Niki de Saint-Phalle) describes a hybrid energy on the entrance as well as on the exit gathering several dimensions (several energies) and also several periods.  It goes from the 1910’s to 1925 (on the face of the trailer, which very clearly reflects Art, intense creativity, projects, innovations), to the 60’s (on the entrance doors) and to end (exit) on a very present energy (the year 2010 to the present and future).  This confirms very well the feeling that we find at the trailer, crossing the vessel to be “here and elsewhere at the same time”.

At the same time, there is a question of affirmation through representation, bringing a light linked with the “limelight” and also linked to spirituality, accompanied by literary, intellectual and spiritual communication.

Pascal Rousseau, the organizer of “The Wild Wild West” collected works around fragments of art history (years 1910, 1920, 1930, 1960 and 2011) on the spatio-temporal’s dimension: to introduce time and movement, thanks to the cinematic art, different optics to let your imagination carry you away in other dimensions, and numerous artists who all participate to take you to this other dimension, Claude Bragdon, Robert Breer, Bruce Conner, Alan Crosland Jr., Marcel Duchamp, Oskar Fischinger, Florian and Michaël Quistrebert, Charles Hinton, Frantisek Kupka, John McCracken, Ib Melchior, Melvin Moti, Jean Painlevé, Gaston de Pawlowski, Maï Thu Perret, Christian Sampson and Fred Vaësen.

Thanks to Bernard Blistène, Director of Cultural Development, Artistic Director du Nouveau Festival, who encouraged this type of exhibition.  All these juxtapositions form a common vocabulary of abstraction, an odyssey of forms in new dimensions.


Le nouveau Festival du Centre Pompidou Third Edition –
Galerie Sud, Espace 315, Forum, Petite and Grande Salles – 11 AM – 9 PM.

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